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Get Ready for the 2024 BMW Motorrad F 900 GS on September 7

Exciting News from BMW: Get Ready for the 2024 F 900 GS and More on September 7


There’s a buzz in the air for motorcycle enthusiasts as BMW Motorrad drops hints on social media about the upcoming reveal of the 2024 F 900 GS. Mark your calendars for September 7, as this promises to be a significant moment for the middleweight GS range, possibly including the F 800 GS and even an F 900 GS Adventure. Let’s dive into what’s in store for these new BMW models.

2024 bmw f 900 gs to be revealed sept 7

The BMW F900 GS Teasers

BMW’s teaser campaign revolves around a captivating image of a motorcycle concealed beneath layers of dirt, with the intriguing hashtag #spiritofgs. While speculation had been rife about a new R 1300 GS, BMW’s official announcement scheduled for September 28 rules that out for this upcoming event. This leaves us eagerly anticipating the potential replacement for the current 853cc Twin engine that powers the F 850 GS and F 750 GS models.

As for Motorcycle.com taking a closer look at the teaser image reveals the cryptic “F 900” hidden within the graphics behind the iconic BMW roundel, confirming the imminent arrival of the F 900 GS. Following BMW’s historical trend, we can also anticipate an F 800 GS featuring a slightly detuned version of the same engine. Additionally, there’s a growing sense of excitement around the possibility of a future release of an F 900 GS Adventure model.

Motorcycle.com F900 GS scoop

The Current Lineup

The F 850 GS and F 750 GS platforms debuted in 2018 and received an update in 2021. In contrast, BMW introduced the F 900 R and F 900 XR in 2020, boasting an 895cc engine. Notably, the GS models stuck with the slightly smaller 853cc Parallel-Twin engine through 2023. However, with the imminent arrival of the 2024 F 900 GS, it appears that BMW is gearing up for a significant overhaul of its GS lineup.

Performance Figures

The F 900 XR and F 900 R, confirmed for 2024, offer impressive performance figures, claiming 103 hp at 8,500 rpm and 68 lb-ft. at 6,500 rpm (though these figures may vary slightly in certain markets). In comparison, the F 850 GS and GS Adventure claim 94 hp at 8,250 rpm and 68 lb-ft. at 6,250 rpm. These numbers are remarkably close to the performance of the larger 895cc engine, possibly explaining BMW’s decision to wait until now to upgrade the GS models.

Euro 5+ Regulations

The decision to change the engine likely stems from the Euro 5+ regulations set to take effect for motorcycles in 2024. Euro 5+ introduces stricter criteria, including onboard diagnostics, durability testing, and noise limits. If the F 900 GS receives the 895cc engine, it will likely feature a different tuning to suit off-road riding better. There’s also the possibility of more extensive changes, including modifications to the engine displacement itself. As the current F 900 R engine will be four years old in 2024, any updates may also trickle down to the R and XR models in 2025.


As we inch closer to September 7, the official unveiling date for the 2024 F 900 GS and potentially its companions, motorcycle enthusiasts have every reason to be excited. The teasers and speculations have set the stage for what could be a thrilling update, promising enhanced performance and compliance with stringent Euro 5+ regulations. Stay tuned for more details, and get ready to usher in a new era of middleweight GS adventure motorcycles from BMW.