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Hero Honda Hunk’s 25th Aniversary Upgrade


The all Muscle hunk is all ready with an upgraded body colors. Although this upgrade is announced this weekend but the vehicle was available in the showrooms from January 2009 when actually the Hero Honda’s 25 yr anniversary started.

The Featured upgrade is totally cosmetic just by adding new stickering job on the bike’s fuel tank, the Hero Honda’s favorite RED Alloys, Red GRS Suspension, Red color front Suspension and Dual tone Seat cover.

Wheels Guru View –

Although the stickers are fresh but it seems that over here they have just a bit overdone it. The paint job on the Alloys and the suspension seems like just a coat of new color over the previous one. One more thing that we saw here was that the Engine head was also Red in color on top of the all black engine. We don’t know where the muscles have gone but yes new clothes are there.

Here is another picture of the Brochure: