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How to ride motorcycle in rain

How to ride in rain

Hi all,

Everybody likes to ride a motorcycle on a nice breezy day when the sun is light and the roads are clear. But there are times when it’s drizzling yet you want to take your motorcycle out and experience that first rain if the season.

There are some people who cannot avoid motorcycle riding due to occupational hazards and have no choice at all to ride in the rain.

For all, if those situations I have jotted down few pointers below to help us maneuver our ride on the roads.

1. Keep your motorcycle as much straight as possible
2. Avoid too high waterlogged patches
3. Keep first 2 fingers of your right hand on the front brake lever for any kind of braking scenarios
4. Never brake suddenly
5. Keep distance from the front vehicle and make sure that you are following the tyres of the car in front as anybody who would avoid obstacles would keep the tyres in the correct path
6. Always apply both the brakes for proper braking
7. Wear reflective material jacket and/or bright color jacket clothes

The above techniques used are tried and tested by many and is highly recommended.

Please feel free to share your experiences as well in the comments section below.

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