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Introducing the 2024 KTM RC 390

KTM enthusiasts, brace yourselves for an electrifying update! For the 2024 season, KTM unveils the latest iteration of its formidable Supersport model, the KTM RC 390, adorned with thrilling new colorways and graphics that pay homage to its racing heritage while exuding contemporary flair.

KTM RC 390: A Glimpse into Supersport Excellence

At the heart of the KTM RC 390 beats the pulse of pure performance. Engineered to dominate both the street and the track, this iconic model epitomizes the essence of Supersport biking, boasting unrivalled agility, precision handling, and relentless power.

KTM RC 390: Embracing Performance at Every Turn

The 2024 KTM RC 390 embraces a relentless pursuit of excellence, featuring a potent single-cylinder engine meticulously crafted for unparalleled performance. Complemented by premium components including ByBre brakes, adjustable WP APEX suspension, and cutting-edge electronics such as SUPERMOTO ABS, Cornering ABS, Cornering MTC, and the optional Quickshifter+, the RC 390 sets a new standard for Supersport motorcycles.

KTM RC 390: Unveiling Striking New Colorways

Drawing inspiration from the illustrious KTM RC 8C, the formidable KTM 1390 SUPER DUKE R EVO, and the iconic Grand Prix racing team colors, the 2024 RC 390 makes a bold statement with its captivating new color schemes. Riders can choose between two mesmerizing options: orange-on-blue and orange-on-black, both accentuated by signature orange frames. The orange-on-black variant further enhances its allure with vibrant orange rims, ensuring heads turn with every ride.

KTM RC 390: Race-Ready Design, Unparalleled Versatility

Designed with the track in mind, the 2024 KTM RC 390 boasts a pedigree rooted in racing excellence. Its aerodynamic bodywork, inspired by championship-winning prototypes, is easily interchangeable, allowing riders to seamlessly transition from street-legal configurations to race-ready setups with effortless precision.

KTM RC 390: The Dawn of a New Era

Prepare to ignite your passion for Supersport biking as the 2024 KTM RC 390 prepares to make its grand entrance at authorized KTM dealerships nationwide starting this February. Experience the thrill of the track, embrace the power of performance, and unleash the spirit of racing with the all-new KTM RC 390.

KTM RC 390: Discover More, Ride Faster

Curious to learn more about the 2024 KTM RC 390? Visit KTM.com to explore its unrivalled features, breathtaking design, and unbridled performance capabilities. Join the revolution, embrace the journey, and elevate your riding experience with the ultimate Supersport companion – the 2024 KTM RC 390.

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