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Mahindra Acquires BSA, To Launch Jawa Branded Bikes In India

Mahindra announced their plans to refocus its two-wheeler business in India and target niche segments. The Indian automaker has acquired Classic Legends company that will bring in iconic brands like BSA and Jawa to the Indian market. Jawa has a cult following in India since 1950s.

Along with the engineering and design expertise of these brands, Mahindra will come up with new products in the future. The Indian automaker currently has a technical development centre in Italy that will be utilised to come up with a new premium range of bikes leveraging the capabilities of these iconic brands. Mahindra has already acquired the electric car company – Reva to provide electric vehicles in India


Mahindra aims to develop lifestyle products from this acquisition to focus on the premium and niche segment with the BSA and Jawa brands. The launch of the first products from this acquisition is expected to happen in the year 2018. However, they will be introduced under their respective brands and not under Mahindra brand.

Having said that, Mahindra will continue to produce their existing mass market range. Mahindra is exporting their products currently to the Asian and African markets and they will continue to do so. The Peugeot brand is still not being considered for India launch currently.


Image: Wikipedia