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Meet The ELEKTRA From Delhi Based Afterlife Custom builds


“Passion enriched with years of pain and sweat and memories which made us stronger. The hunger, the very need to break the shackles and come out clean as a warrior that is what gave birth to AFTERLIFE and that’s who we personally are.” Thats how they describe their humble beginnings.

Afterlife builds custom motorcycle parts which ensures the optimization of a production motorcycle. Afterlife is a social responsibility, It’s the character that one shows, we are not just trying to build motorcycles we are trying to weave a whole new religion.

So we really liked this scrambler and thought you guys should also see this.


The build: ELEKTRA

The initial focus was the weight reduction. The weight this motorcycle carries has been one of the aspects the team have been trying to work upon and which was also achieved by working on the rear subframe, swing arm and the handle T. This has improved its capabilities in order to make it more manoeuvrable in city conditions specifically in a city like Delhi, India.

The off-road- on road tyres helps it to maintain the grip along with the tarmac as well as if one wants to have fun off-road. The mrf tyres make sure they do what they are meant for. The rear disc has been mounted along with the reworked swingarm which gives this motorcycle better braking power, also ensuring that it carries the weight and handle well.

The team have managed to reduced a good 30 kg from the bike making it lighter from being a hefty 187 kg dry to 152kg, single seater motorcycle ready for action. The headlamp, tail lamp, indicators are all aftermarket ensuring the best products in range. The exhaust and the rear wheel rim is manufactured by Afterlife team themselves.

Have a look at the details in the image gallery below.

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