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New colors for Yamaha FZ16


Yamaha once again seems to please its customers by launching new vibrant color
variants which the enthusiasts had been asking for a very long period of time.

4 new colors available for FZ are – Purple, Yellow, Blue and the Special Edition Carbon Fiber imported White

The white one was a special edition with Carbon Fiber(imported from Yamaha) inserts above the headlight, on the fuel tank and on the tail section of the bike. It also had an imported handle bar which was much thicker than the stock. Now comes the worse part, this version costs around Rs 94000/- on road. The price list is as follows:

FZ16: Rs 75000/-
White color: Rs 5000/-
Carbon fiber on headlight assembly, tail section, fuel tank: Rs 10000/-
Handle bar: Rs 4000/-
Net total: Rs 94000/-

While the new added carbon fiber white FZ sports the add-ons for weight reduction and sporty feel, the other new color variants remained unchanged of any hands on upgrade.

Wheels Guru View –

The new variants are pleasing and very innovative (especially the carbon fiber aided cluster) first in India, the actual worth comes down for an Indian buyer who can actually think of the carbon assisted valuables as not a means to improve the bike on the performance front.

The FZ always felt a bit underpowered for its huge looks and feel and lacks a bigger mill, nevertheless its a very positive approach from Yamaha Indian strengthening its sports oriented image and widening their customer base and we might as well see some really good products from Yamaha base in the near future as they have promised recently.

You can view more images of the bike as below: