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Quietest Motorcycle Helmets That You Can Buy

Helmets are the most important thing to have when you are riding your motorcycle. They not just protect your head from impact etc but saves yours from bugs and wind noise which can deafen you permanently. Hence we bring to you the Quietest Motorcycle Helmets That You Can Buy.


Schuberth C3 Pro

The Schuberth C3 Pro has been updated to enhance the first C3, which was at that point one of the calmest and most mechanically propelled caps ever delivered.

The back spoiler, which has been further upgraded in broad wind burrow testing, transforms the C3 Pro into a genuine game cap which additionally shows remarkably streamlined properties at high speeds in abundance of 100 mph. With its upgraded aeroacoustics of 82 dB(A) at 100 km/h, the C3 Pro is one of the calmest head protectors on the planet. The C3 Pro likewise fuses two coordinated receiving wires for expanded ranges and better FM radio gathering – arranged for the completely incorporated correspondence unit SRC-System. The internal covering, made of precisely chosen materials, for example, COOLMAX, Interpower, and Thermocool, has been broadly re-molded and overhauled and sets new benchmarks as for solace.


Shoei Qwest

Shoei has built up a fresh out of the box new, high review shell plan. Ventilation is coordinated into the shell for a more streamlined look. The efficiently enhanced shape uses an air spoiler to decrease drag and lift, and additionally lessen the weight on the neck while riding at high speeds. All Shoei head protectors experience through wind tunnel testing in building up an outline that can withstand extreme certifiable riding conditions.

Other features:

  • Streamlined Shell Design
  • Upper Air Intake Vent is situated to boost air volume into the head protector inside
  • Elite fiber materials are consolidated with amazingly flexible natural filaments to make a shell structure that is ultra-lightweight, inflexible and strong


Schuberth S2

The Schuberth S2 touches base following quite a while of extensive built up. The ultra-calm S2 burned through many hours in Schuberth’s air acoustic twist passage to guarantee ideal streamlined features with lessened drag and lift for the calmest conceivable execution. Schuberth’s industry-driving triple-network shell permits the S2 to be fundamentally lighter while as yet giving extraordinary ventilation and comfort.


Shoei’s RF-1200

The Shoei RF 1200 speaks to years of improvement and development of the Shoei RF Helmet arrangement, refined into a standout amongst the most progressive game head protectors accessible. The RF1200 has advanced through both wind burrow testing and on-track rider criticism into a head protector that is light-weight, peaceful and above all amazingly sheltered.

A vast lower three-position vent, three upper air vent admissions, and four remarkably situated upper fumes outlet vents consolidate with the Dual Density EPS liner to permit cooling air to travel unhindered through passages made in the EPS liner.

Tell us which according to you is the quietest Helmet?