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TVS Motorcycles launches IRIDE App


TVS Motor Company, today announced the launch of IRIDE, an intelligent, intuitive automobile post sales, and service smartphone application to enhance the riding experience for customers. IRIDE monitors the ride parameters of the vehicle during transit which helps customers plan and improve the riding experience while keeping them safe.

The prime focus of IRIDE is to provide vehicle assistance in emergency, a better ride experience, and service facility coupled with some fun features to share on the social platforms. It is also a two-way interaction forum as customers can provide real-time feedback on the application.

Key features of the IRIDE app

·      App Launch: IRIDE can be launched by the user by tapping the power key thrice
·     Detecting Vehicle Movement: IRIDE can detect the movement of vehicle and switch between riding and idling mode
·     Parking location: IRIDE stores the parking location of the vehicle. This allows the user to navigate there
·      Social: The user can share their riding achievements which includes their top speed, badges among others on their Facebook page
·      Medical Emergency Tips: IRIDE allows the user to include their key medical details for first aid. It is also equipped with executable first aid animations/Video
·      Service Booking and reminders: IRIDE allows the user to book a service, upon booking of the service the user gets prior reminders before the due date