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Wet Weather Motorcycle Riding Gear

Wet weather jackets and pants? Staying dry makes a huge difference to how much you’ll enjoy wet weather riding.

  1. Starting with waterproof jackets and pants, the most expensive option is Goretex like the Klim Badlands It’s completely waterproof, breathable and perfect if you have the cash.
  1. Quality one-piece rain suit like the Won-Z. It’s quick to pull on and off while wearing your boots and extremely visible to drivers.
  1. Next are shower-proof jackets like Alpinestars. These are great if you expect only light or infrequent showers as they will stay dry for about an hour before the damp starts coming through.
  1. Next is the inner liner option like this one on the Klim Induction Jacket. These are handy if you really aren’t expecting rain but might be caught out. You wouldn’t use this if it rains a lot as they aren’t breathable and let the outer jacket get heavy with water which also will cause a chill factor in cool wet weather.
  1. Last is the budget option of cheap rain coats and pants. They tear easily, often leak after a few hours, and you usually have to take your boots off to get those pants on. Most of us move on from this budget option pretty quickly.

How to ride in rain


Apply some silicon grease to the rubber seal for your visor to keep it in good shape. There are lots of anti-fogging solutions for your visor, a good budget option is applying some soap suds then simply polish off with a soft cloth.


The more you spend, generally the more waterproof they will be. If it’s wet all the time, there are expensive goretex boots available.


Get some goretex gloves if you can rob a local bank to get the funds needed.

So go ahead and run in the rain with your motorcycle.