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Buy Your Dream SUV With This Plan

Buy your dream SUV with this plan

For a petrol head who is obsessed with SUVs, the following mean machines are the best of the lot:

  • Mercedes GL Wagon

Mercedes GL Wagon


  • BMW X6



  • Audi Q7

Audi Q7


SUVs are the ultimate automobiles. They provide power, safety, comfort, and luxury in a handsomely designed vehicle. One can travel anywhere in an SUV, either over smooth roads or even over treacherous terrains. The ones who own these beauties are those who have either created or come across substantial wealth. For most of us, inheriting such wealth may be out of the question. Yet, is earning this income and saving it, enough to generate a massive corpus?

There is a splendid alternative and I will be sharing details of the same with you.

Presenting the Sabse Important Plan by Birla Sun Life!

Over the last few decades, Indians have realized that investing through top SIP plans is affordable and proven way of creating wealth. The best SIP plans help you to create a substantial corpus for achieving all your goals so that if you are a connoisseur of SUVs like me, you can purchase one without any guilt.

I would also like to share some effective steps to purchase your dream SUV:

Step 1

Cost –

Figure out how much your dream car costs. If your dream car is beyond your budget at the moment, consider affordable options. Thorough research will help you to come across grand sales, annual discounts and extended warranties which would be useful in reducing costs.

Step 2

Learn what others did

You need to know what others did and what benefited them the most. Read buyer’s reviews on popular forums, blogs and comparison websites and figure out what people have to say about your dream SUV.

Step 3

Explore free extended warranties

Never miss out the free extended warranties options with local dealers. This would not just add value to your current purchase but would also increase the resale value in future.

Step 4

Off-season discounts

You could save up to 15 – 20% during the off-season. This would not just enable you to get the best of the deals on your dream SUV but also you could then move to a higher model.

Step 5

Delay your purchase 

If you do not want to compromise and wish to only buy your dream car, which is out of your budget, then it would be prudent to delay your purchase. You can spend that time by saving and investing in creating a corpus which would help you with the down payment. By then due to increase in your income, you may also be able to afford the EMI.

So what are you waiting for?

The best way to get your dream SUV is through Sabse Important Plan by Birla Sun Life. It would enable you to plan a purchase requiring a heavy down payment. Check out their offerings and get set on the path to buy the automobile of your dreams.

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