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Why Car Maintenance Is Important – First Hand Experience


I have a Chevrolet Cruze 2014 manufacturing and is now running at 78,000 Km. The car runs beautifully as it is serviced regularly and has a lot of small things that I have personalized for my personal use. These range from tires to battery.

Some of the customizations that I have done and how they have helped me, in the long run, are mentioned below. These customizations help me make my journey comfortable.

Audi style HID headlamps: As soon as I bought the vehicle, the service manager at Chevrolet showed me the add-on dealership approved headlamp which was styled like Audi A4. Yes, it sounds wannabe, however, it serves 2 purposes. It is a turning head light which means, the HID lights turn towards the side on which I steer my car. What is also does is, rather than putting blind lights to the oncoming traffic, it just projects the light on the road and gives enough vision for me to navigate.

E Class styled LED tail lamp: The service manager also showed me the Mercedes E-Class styled tail lamp that fits really well with the body lines. It is a LED unit and sparks the tail really well and gives my car a flatter line and a wider look. This also has an integrated rear reverse light which is much sharper giving more brightness while going in reverse gear during night rides.

Race dynamics Diesel-tronic: DieselTRONIC modulates the fuel & boost (in Dual Channel) delivery to an engine, based on an adaptive preprogrammed map on board. It is connected to the Rail Pressure Sensor and Manifold Absolute Pressure Sensor (in case of vehicles with turbo-boost control capability by the stock ECU) and modifies the signals ensuring the engine delivers optimum performance dynamically. The end product is a smooth, powerful and refined engine with no jitters and better power band.

Central media Unit: Cruze is a great car. However, what it lacks is a strong and useful central media unit integrated with Bluetooth phone connectivity. As a result, I added this smart Android 5.1.1 OS Quad Core 16G Car Radio Central Multimedia Auto radio GPS Navigation unit. It not just now serves as a GPS output, but you can now play videos, audio and literally any file in your central entertainment module.

Tyre Upgrade: The stock Chevrolet Cruze comes fitted with a 205/55 tire. However, I have upgraded the same to Michelin Primacy ST 3 215/60 which is a slightly taller profile which eventually adds to the ground clearance of the car and a much plush ride with better corner grip.

Battery: All of the above customizations do take a lot of toll on the car’s OEM battery. As a result, I have installed the Amaron Pro battery that I bought from Amazon. While this battery is slightly bigger for my car, looking at the customizations in headlamp, tail lamp and other mods like Race Dynamics DieselTronics, I had to go for this battery as it lasts long really long (just like their ad) Also, it’s a maintenance-free dry battery, which means I do not have to think of topping up battery water or any kind of alternatives. This finally means no tension while riding your priced possession.