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Chevrolet Cruze 90,000+ kilometre service through GoMechanic

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I own a Chevrolet Cruze 2014 model which has now done over ninety thousand kilometers. I have an attachment with this vehicle as this was my first big sedan. The car is the LTZ trim of the model which means, it comes with 6 airbags, push-button start, sunroof and some more neat features as compared its entry-level LT variant.

The car was running well (for me at least) when suddenly the company decided to close its shop in the Indian market and only do production and spares. Which means services would be still on for the next 5-7 years.

However, I was never happy with the service quality of Chevy. Why so because, before the Cruze, I had owned a Chevy beat, which was the 2010 model and I had ran that as well for over one lakh kilometers before selling it. In the last 2 services of the Cruze, I had a bill of almost thirty thousand, which made me think why not get the vehicle serviced, especially the major service of 90k from outside, especially after finishing the company warranty last year.

As a result, I posted an Instagram story on what all options I can choose living in Gurgaon. The options that I got were of various renowned service centers like, Mahindra True Value, GoMechanic, 3M Car care, RN Chevrolet, and a local mechanic shop as well.

I called each and every place and got a good response. And finally, I chose to go ahead with GoMechanic. Simply because they were providing a comprehensive service including some of my running spares replacement. And to top up the deal that day while having a conversation with the team I struck a deal of giving all of my personal as well as Wheelsguru subscribers a flat 15% off on any of their service. Isn’t it sweet?

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So here was my real experience:

When I reached the GoMechanic location – Capital motor works. I saw 2 more service centers around it – RN Chevrolet, 360 Degrees car spa. I reached Capital motor works, and the service manager came and got to see what are the requirements in my car. Just like any other comprehensive service, he did check all the required assets, however, he also asked me what all issues that I am facing when I am driving the car. anything that he needed to identify the service mechanic.

The following issues that I was facing prior to the service:

  1. The front tire was wobbling a bit as I had not got a chance to get the alignment and rotation done recently.
  2. The right indicator was persistently on even though the toggle switch was in the middle.
  3. There was some noise coming from the front suspension.
  4. Finally, I felt that the rear brakes were worn out.

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The service mechanic checked each aspect and took a test ride to understand the severity of the issue. One thing that I noticed was that before hopping on to the car they put their company seat covers as well as steering wheel covers. This was a very nice touch as all service centers do put seat covers but the soiled hands of the mechanics tend to make the steering wheel dirty.

And finally he checked that all of these issues are rectifiable as below:

  1. Wobbling front tire – tire rotation and alignment (which was already part of the package)
  2. Faulty indicator – the mechanic opened the toggle switched and rectified the fuse
  3. The noise from the front was due to lose underbody which he tightened
  4. Rear brakes – while rotating the tires from front to back, he showed me that the disc pads have not worn out, but they have some dirt. to which he cleaned it and put it back.

The things that were included in my comprehensive package can be viewed on this link – https://gomechanic.in/car-repair/car-repair-gurgaon/chevrolet/cruze

And to top it up, for the car service they had all the Chevrolet OEM spares like:

  1. Diesel fuel filter
  2. Oil filter
  3. Air filter
  4. HVAC filter

He also showed me all the parts and the manufacturing date to assure me that I see the products. The best thing was that the engine coolant that was used was genuine – Bosch Auto Cool coolant and the engine oil was Mobil One 0W-40 Full Synthetic Engine Oil.

Lastly, before the car was washed, they put the Xxtra Armor AC duct cleaner to clean all of the muck from the AC ducts. Apparently, it has a very strong smell but went away in just a few days.


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AC duct cleaning in progress allowing the vehicle to get rid of the grime inside the Ac ducts. @gomechanic.in

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Unlike any other service center, Gomechanic has the following liquids that distinguish the kind of solution needed for each area of the car like the Tyre Shine, Dashboard Dresser, Windshield Washer, Wash & Wax shampoo for the whole body.

After this, I would like to really appreciate that during the whole service process, I was standing along with the mechanic on his head and keep asking him about each part and the service. And then the whole service as stated on the website would take 6 hrs, got over within 6 hrs keeping me on time with my other personal commitments that day.

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With this, I would like to give a thumbs up to the the service quality and their fairness on the delivery that I am now intrigued to now go ahead and get a comprehensive cleaning service done through them of the interior of my car as I travel with a toddler and keep dropping stuff on the car floor.

So what do you guys think about it, did I miss anything in this massive service?

Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.