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Ford celebrates 35th Year of Fiesta

1976-2011 Fiesta

Ford Fiesta turning 35 and coincidentally reaching the 15 Million units sales milestone at the same time. Over the years, precisely from 1976 to 2011 and continuing, the Fiesta has set the Ford flag flying high with unprecedented popularity across the world, especially in Europe.

Ford came to Indian market with Fiesta as early as 1999. The Ford Ikon, which became wildly popular in India as ‘The Josh Machine’ and which was Ford’s first real success in India, was based on the Mk IV Fiesta. In fact, the front end was exactly similar to the Fiesta hatchback with only a boot added to increase its practicality and appeal in the Indian market. Then came the current Fiesta Classic sedan, which was loosely based on Mk V Fiesta hatchback, but Ford smartly disguised it as a distinct model.

The Figo, which turned around Ford’s fortunes in India bringing in unprecedented volumes and popularity, was again based on the Mk V Fiesta and the similarity was pretty obvious to everybody. The current Mk VI Fiesta is a hugely-successful and best-selling model for Ford not only in Europe, but also in other significantly important markets like China and rest of Asia. The sedan variant has just been launched in India and it looks promising.

The very first Fiesta was produced in Valencia, Spain, in 1976 as Ford’s practical and economical response to a fuel crisis that was gripping the world, and it immediately tapped into a small car demand in Europe and around the world. Valencia continues to build the current Fiesta production with Ford’s manufacturing plant in Cologne, Germany, now producing the majority of new Fiestas. The Fiesta also is built in Nanjing, China, Rayong, Thailand, and CuautitlĂ n, Mexico. Thirty-five years, six generations and 15 million cars after its debut, the Fiesta continues to offer practicality, style and efficiency to car buyers of all ages.

Source: TeamBhp.com

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