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JK Tyre – Mercedes Benz and Overdrive – 24-hour Performance Drive

It was a historic day on 22ndand 23rd September 2018 when JK Tyre powered the 24 Hour Performance Drive with Overdrive and Mercedes Benz. The record-breaking event was performed in the controlled environment of the only Formula 1 certified race track in India – Buddh International circuit.


Endurance runs are one of the oldest forms of a capability test for any vehicle. They push the vehicle and all of its components to its limit. The tyre plays the most significant role in the endurance test as they are the only variable that is not just providing stability and traction to the car but also they need to withstand the torture at each corner as well as maintain grip at all times.

JK Tyre has previously done the endurance records earlier with some other brands like Audi, Hyundai, TATA & Maruti stating that when it comes to Endurance, JK Tyre has always been there. This 24-hour test was done to push the limits & check as to how far a production luxury car can perform on commercially available premium tyres. It’s also a test of how far the pit crews, track support, and drivers can stretch themselves before exhaustion takes over.

As a result, you have to choose the tyre with the following attributes:

  • Unmatched ride comfort and durability on roads
  • Least noise, silent running
  • Superb handling,
  • Extra grip and safety
  • High-speed control and better handling response

All of this was supported by Installing the JK Tyre’s UX1 High-Performance tyres

A team of 12 drivers participated in the Performance run. The riders were as following:

  1. Anmol Rampal
  2. Raghav Sharma
  3. Mira Erda
  4. Abhay Verma
  5. Bertrand D’Souza
  6. Rohit Khanna
  7. Simran Rastogi
  8. Satish Hataria
  9. Diljeet
  10. Chittesh
  11. Rishabh Bhaskar
  12. Saral Vikram

These riders used the recently launched New Mercedes Benz C-class 2018 – The car number 1 was the C 220D and Car number 2 was the C 300D. The drivers used the various driving modes on the new C-class. This helped the drivers to strategize better and reduce their timings on the track making it a successful event.

The cars were fitted with the JK Tyre’s UX1 High-Performance tyres. The beauty of these tyre is that it provides a better grip on the track. The tyres are designed with an asymmetric tread pattern and 4th generation polymers that helps in high-speed stability and tyres last longer. With the UX1 tyre series, JK Tyre continued to deliver their promise of total control along with high performance on these pristine sedans.

With all of these high-performance settings, the team was able to set a national record with an average speed of 91.67km/hr for 24hrs including driver change and fuel refill pit stops. With all of this, the team did 428 laps of the complete circuit covering 2200km in total in 24 hours. Well, that’s a lot of Kilometers in just a day.

The event was started at 5:25pm/22nd September and ended at 5:25pm/23rd September 2018.

There are very few instances when these kinds of feats are established on Indian race tracks especially when we all say such weather conditions during this time. It’s a phenomenal feat for the whole participating team and we believe that this is a stepping stone towards a performance driving scene in India.