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Know the Common Types of SUV Bicycle Carriers

Purchasing a bicycle carrier is a big decision, and nowadays there is a wide variety of them available, which makes purchasing a rack, a more intimidating task. The type of bikes, type of vehicle and number of bikes, you will be transporting on SUV and how you plan to use, are all the factors to be considered before purchasing a bike rack. Through this article, we are providing you an insight of three basic categories: hitch, roof and hatch or truck mounted racks, in order to make it easy for you to buy the most appropriate bike rack.

  1. Hitch Racks:

These carriers came in the following two varieties:

  • Tray Style: These racks secure the bikes by clamping the front wheels. You can equip them with a tray to support the weight of the bikes. Tray style hitches are easy to hold, can be expanded to hold even four bikes at a time and can carry any type of bicycle. Tray style hitches have the lowest loading heights, which makes them the best bike rack for SUV.
  • Arm Support: Arm support hitch mount has a relatively low loading height and it utilizes the frame as the primary point of attachment. Hitch mounted styles also aid in keeping bicycles out of the wind and thus prevent from getting covered with bugs. The cars with insufficient rear suspension can struggle with the excessive weight of arm support hitch mount bike racks cantilevered at the back. However, SUVs and most of the truck is up to the task.

If you talk about loading, then hitch mounted style bike racks are the most ergonomically sound option.

  1. Truck Mount:

Truck mounted racks become a viable option when you are not interested in roof style and neither do you have a hitch receiver. They do not require many accessories, neither do they are intricate to install. Furthermore, truck mount racks are the swift and minimally expensive ways to accessorize your vehicle with bike support. These are generally lightweight and you can use the same rack for more than one compatible vehicles.

  1. Roof Carriers:

Roof racks are also a good option for vehicles like SUV. Crossbars are generally multi-purpose and can be used to carry equipment such as cargo boxes, surfboards, and skis along with the bike. One of the major advantages of roof racks that you may find is that they are easy to install. Also, with roof racks the bikes are very secure; just you need to make sure that the rack is properly installed. Also, roof racks provide you enough space for keeping your extra gear safely.

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