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The Art of Selling A Used Car

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It is not that hard to sell a car in if it is in good condition but to get maximum value out of your car, you need to sell it like a pro. Below are some of the important points you must consider while selling a car.

  • Visual Appeal is important

The first and most important aspect to attract right kind of customers is the visual appeal of the car. You should fix all the dents and scratches and should do the required detailing. To get the desired price, your car should look clean, tidy and completely flawless.

  • The Art of taking car pictures

There are tons of cars posted on OLX but very few are sold at a real market value. Lots of used car dealers jump into to make a deal for themselves. To sell a car at the market value you need to attract end users and to attract end users, the car’s visual appeal is very important. If your car is perfect, it should look perfect in photographs too.

  • Take Pictures at Right Time

It is important to take pictures at right time. According to a digital photocopy school, this is by far the most common mistake that people make. Ideally, you should take pictures just before sunrise or just after sunset. It is also recommended to use a tripod with a high-quality camera. To learn the complete art of shooting car pictures you can read this detailed article at Digital Photocopy School.

  • Give importance to Each inquiry

Before posting your car on OLX, you should be ready to give enough time to the whole process. Each lead is important, and you should answer all the phone calls. Never go to the buyer’s location, let them come to your desired location. Be flexible and be ready for negotiations.

  • Don’t give prices over the phone

Many people will just call and inquire about prices, you must not commit to any price over the phone and negotiations should be done once they show up at your location and have seen the car. If you do the negotiations over the phone, they will try to further negotiate later-on while seeing the car.   

  • Don’t be confused, must know your car’s price

You should not be confused about the price you are willing to sell your car and the moment you get that price should go ahead with the deal and you should not lose the willing customers. Yes, there will be buyers who will give ridiculous offers, but you must not lose the one who gives you the required offer.

Other ways to sell a car in Dubai

If you are not willing to spend too much and effort in selling your car then there are some alternative ways too.

  • Instant Car Buyers:

The concept of selling the car to instant car buyers is relatively new in India but its quite old in Us, Europe, and the middle east. In USA companies like We Buy A Car the USA provides instant payment for the car and in UAE BEEP UAE provides service to customers who are willing to sell their cars for cash. In India, Cars 24 is providing similar kind of service.  All you need to do is book an appointment and once you take the car to their inspection site they will give you a buying price. The moment you agree to the price, the deal is closed, and you will get an instant payment.

  • Trading Your Car:

You can trade-in your car with a new one at various websites and dealerships in India. But the best way to sell any car is to sell it by yourself. It requires time and effort, but you will get the maximum return on the time you invest to sell your car.