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How do I pack for my trainings over the weekend?

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I have been now training continuously on behalf of BMW Motorrad in a new city every weekend. This gives me an opportunity to connect with new people, talented riders, some amazing photographers, content creators, all in all, amazing human beings.
The training enquires me to carry not just the BMW Motorrad brand with me but also of the brands that support me in this endeavor. I need to make sure that whatever I am wearing is in good shape/condition as well as it has even faded so that it carries the brand colors well.
So my training days are typically one day of track fabrication and two days of training. Which means I have 2 nights of stay and 3 full days of working.

As a result, I carry 2 sets of training gear with me. and here is a list of all of my training equipment:

  1. BMW Helmets – GS Rally Pro Carbon helmet
  2. GS Rallye jacket
  3. GS Rallye pants
  4. GS Pro boots
  5. GS Rallye Gloves

So these are the core gear that I carry. However, there are few ancillary clothing and protection that I also carry. Here is the list:

  1. 2 BMW Motorrad jerseys
  2. Knee compression support

So all of that we just my technical gear. The other clothes that I carry are:

  1. 4-5 undergarments
  2. 2 BMW Motorrad Tshirts
  3. 2 Shahnawaz Karim Tshirts
  4. 2 tactical pants
  5. 1 sleeping short and Tshirt
  6. A pair of running shoes
  7. A pair of slippers
  8. 2 pair of comfort socks
  9. 3 BMW Motorrad caps
  10. Toiletries (Toothbrush and paste, shaving kit, face wash, and moisturizer)
  11. Sunglasses
  12. 4 laundry bags
  13. 1 Hydration bladder

Other things that I carry:

  1. Noise cancellation headphones from Sennheiser
  2. Neck pillow for in-flight sleeping
  3. Helmet spray from Ustraa
  4. Laptop
  5. All sorts of charging cables for phone and laptop
  6. Powerbank

And all of this is carried in 2 bags:

  1. BMW Motorrad motorsports kit trolley or Quechua – 80-120 L Drybag
  2. BMW Motorrad motorsports Function Rucksack
So because I carry so many things. my luggage is generally overweight – 17-19 Kgs. As a result, I make sure that I opt for extra baggage of 5 kg. If you book it at the time of the booking, you get a good deal otherwise all flights at the check-in counter charge INR 400 per Kg.
I hope this travel kit would give you an understanding of how much of planning that has to go before every trip every week so that I don’t miss out anything. Hope you like my whole details. Please do share the same with your friends who like to travel.