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How to change Engine Oil change in Yamaha R15

Yamaha R15 engine oil change

Buying a bike is an easy job but maintaining it is a difficult task. Here are the tips of how to change your Oil on Yamaha R15.

Warm up – Warm up the engine by riding it a few kms. Ride around 20 kms before doing the oil change. Within 20 kms or so the oil will be close to its optimum temperature and will drain much faster and easier.

Tools required – First step is to keep the necessary tools at hand instead of looking for them later. Avoid an open wrench at all cost. You can damage the bolt heads if you use an open type wrench. use a ring spanner/plug spanner/socket wrench to avoid damaging bolts. the tools i used are an 18/19mm ring spanner, a 18/19mm plug spanner + a screw driver as a handle, an 8 mm socket wrench and a nose pliers.

Consumables and other things-
These are the next set of stuffs you’ll need to do an oil and filter change. 1 liter Oil, an Oil filter, a pan to catch the draining oil and a funnel to pour the new oil in. use a set of impervious gloves if you want to keep your hands clean and to avoid the burning sensation (caused by the used oil which is now pretty acidic) if used oil happens to get on your hand.

Draining the Oil
Place the motorcycle on a center stand or a paddock stand. I use a center stand. Then place some old news paper pieces under the motorcycle just in case some oil happens to spill out of the oil pan. Then place the oil pan under the motorcycle. Now you are ready to drain the oil. use the ring spanner and turn it counter clock wise, lightly tap on the spanner using your hand if the bolt is hard to remove (if you find it too difficult to remove, then stop right here. get the bike to a service station and tell them to remove it. the service center guys most probably might’ve over tightened it the last time). Once it is loose, remove the bolt by turning it counter clockwise. Use the ring spanner/socket wrench to remove the bolt other than using your hands. Hot and acidic oil is no fun if it happens to be on your hand. Once you fully remove the bolt, a spring and strainer will fall out into the oil pan. Let it be there for now and let the oil drain. Remove the spring and strainer from the oil pan using the nose pliers and place everything you remove on a clean rag than on the plain ground.


Filling new oil and rest of the steps

Use YAMAHALUBE 4T OIL SG GRADE engine oil for best results and without effecting engine’s wear and performance. Pour the oil steadily without spilling it.

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Image Credit- XBHP


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