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Husqvarna Norden 901 – Stunning Adventure Concept Showcased – EICMA 2019

The Swedish bike maker Husqvarna was acquired by KTM. Since then they have been turning out some interesting versions of the Austrians bikes. After getting a few Svartpilen and Vitpilen over the last few years, the Swedes have now turned their attention towards adventure bikes. The end result is the beautifully gorgeous Norden 901. However, it’s still a concept.

Norden 901 is smacking some top-notch features. It’s actually based on the 790 Adventure from KTM and the engines are from the newly released KTM 890 Duke R. Husqvarna hasn’t given any specs. But with the same Duke 895 CC inline twin-engine, we can make some good guesses. This engine on the Duke makes 121 Ps and 99 Nm of torque. But it is tuned more for better adventure performance which means it will have better mid-range grunt for sure. Husqvarna claims it works really well on the road as well.

Norden 901 is running some top-notch suspension hardware – the fully adjustable WP suspension at the front and rear. The front it’s got a 21-inch wheel, while the rear is an 18-inch. Both are wire spokes running Pirelli rubber. To enhance the off-roading experience it has got a proper bash plate under the bike. Even the fuel tank extends all the way down from the sides as you see on the 790 adventure. But apart from this, we don’t really know much about the motorcycle.

The most striking part about this Norden is its design. It looks like an old-school rally bike with a round LED headlight and a short windshield that runs beautifully into the sides of the bodywork. There is lots of crash protection everywhere and it also sports these auxiliary lights on either side of the motorcycle.

It’s got a split TFT. One, which handles the basic functions of the bike. The other shows navigation. It also has brake covers giving it a purposeful look like a proper rally motorcycle. What ties the whole thing together is the colour scheme in typical Husqvarna gray, black and fluorescent green.

Husqvarna’s concepts usually make it in the production form without having a big change in design. It is certainly a great thing. We can see the production bike hopefully sometime next year. And we are not too sure if it’ll make it to India.