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Race Results For RACR In The Indian National Motorcycle Championship – Round 2 At The MMRT

Rajini Krishnan is most coveted rider on Indian tarmac racing with more that 15 years of riding experience in Asian tracks now positions his team very well in the MRF-MMSC-FMSCI Indian National motorcycle racing championship. And after winning the China Superbike Championships

Rajini Krishnan put on a master-class display to lead a 1-2 finish for his team RACR in the premium Supersport category as the second round of the MRF-MMSC-FMSCI Indian National motorcycle racing championship concluded at the MMRT on Sunday. Rajini started fifth on the grid and won a stop-go race that saw two red flag situations due to oil spill on the track, ahead of teammate Deepak Ravikumar while TVS Racing’s Jagan Kumar came in third.

Below are the race results for the RACR team!

Race results : Day 1     

  1. Group-B – Race – Super Sport Indian Results
    #Deepak(25) Finished 4th  ( Yamaha R15)
    #Rajini Krishnan(67) Finished 5th ( Yamaha R15)
  2. Group-C – Race – ProStock up to 165cc Results
    #Dinesh(14) Finished 3rd –Podium ( Yamaha R15)
    #Sofyyan Ahmed(55) Finished 11th ( Yamaha R15)
    #Prabhu(5) DNF ( Yamaha R15) 

    1. In the last lap Prabhu was in 4th position, but due to engine problem he didn’t complete the race
  3. Group-D – Race – Stock upto 165cc 
    #Amarnath Rajan(6) was leading the Race till 6th lap, due to low slide , crashed  ( Yamaha R15)
    #Anup Kumar(96) finished 10th ( Yamaha R15)
    #Nitish Kumar(55) finished 26th ( Yamaha R15)
  4. Support Race – Superbike Race Results
    #Deepak(25) Finished 1st – podium (1000cc)
  5. Honda Ladies – 150cc Category – Race Results 
    #Ryhana Bee(8) Finished 4th
  6. Gixxer Novice – Race Results 
    #Amarnath Rajan(11) Finished 1st -Podium
  7. Gixxer Rookie Cup
    The youngest rider in the Redbull Rookie cup
    #Varoon(42) Finished 2nd -Podium


Race results : Day 2

  1. Group-B 
    Super Sport Indian Race – 2 Results
    #Rajini Krishnan(67) Finished 1st- Podium  ( Yamaha R15)
    #Deepak(25) Finished 2nd- Podium ( Yamaha R15)
  2. Group-C – ProStock up to 165cc Race – 2 Results
    #Dinesh(14) Finished 3rd- Podium  ( Yamaha R15)
    #Prabhu(5) DNF ( Yamaha R15)
  3. Group-D – Stock upto 165cc Race – 2 Results 
    #Amarnath Rajan(6) Finished 1st- Podium  ( Yamaha R15)
    #Anup Kumar(96) Finished 12th  ( Yamaha R15)
    #Nitish Kumar(55) Finished 16th ( Yamaha R15)
  4. Support Race – Superbike Race – 2 Results
    1000 cc
  5. #Deepak(25) Finished 1st – podium – ZX 10 R
    #Sandesh Prassana Finished 2 nd – podium – ZX 10 R
    #Naresh Babu Finished 3rd – podium – ZX 10 R
  1. uptp 675 cc
  2. Anand Nagaraj Finished 2nd – podium – Triumph Daytona 675
  3. Anand came 2nd in Race 1 too
  4. Suzuki Gixxer Novice – 150cc
  5. Race-2 Result 
    #Amarnath Rajan(11) Finished 1st- Podium
  6. Suzuki Gixxer The Redbull Rookie Cup India – 150cc Race – 2 Result
    #Varoon(42) Finished 2nd- Podium
  7. Race – 3 Results
    #Amarnath Rajan(11) Finished 1st- Podium
  8. Suzuki Gixxer The Redbull Rookie Cup India – 150cc Race – 3 Result
    #Varoon(42) Finished 2nd- Podium