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Rajini Gets Podium In Malaysia Super Bike Championship : Round 3

At the Round 3 of the Pirelli Malaysia Superbike Championship, Our very own fastest Indian and our all time favourite superbike racer from India – Krishnan Rajini brought some amazing news with his immersive performance in Race 2 where he came third only to the race leader Cameron Donald who is a renowned TT racer. The 2nd racer was Ahmad Fuad Baharudin who’s is a local favourite in Malaysia.

Below is he image of the Round race results for you guys to have a look at.


Some more details revealed that Rajini had Qualified 3rd in Race 1 which was a wet race, but only was able to finished 4th due to a mistake in bike setting. the team members looked into it and in Race 2 he finished 3rd even though he had a bad start.

We only wish that his talent is seen by global sponsors as he brings a lot of rigour to the table and is now also helping nurture young talent in India with his R.A.C.R. Academy, so that they do not face the same challenges that he faced in his early career days.