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Top Car Rallies In India

Car rallying is a car racing sport organized for customized and road-legal cars to participate annually or in regular interval. This is due to the fact that car racing doesn’t occur on a circuit but in a point-to-point format. Car rally participants and co-drivers drive between points leaving at regular intervals from one or more start points run between specific legs with a specific time designated for each stage. The other variant of this is a TSD Rally which is Time-Speed-Distance rally.

Top Car Rallies in India

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  • Maruti Suzuki Desert Storm Car Rally

Maruti Suzuki Desert Storm Car Rally is considered as one of the toughest motorsports escapade in India. The rally passed the terrains of Thar Desert, the rocky mountains of Aravalli and the white sands of Rann of Kutch and comprises lot of thrill and excitement. The event covers a distance of 2,600 km and judges the participants on their driving skills in various terrains. This Rally was an endeavor of Maruti Suzuki to popularize motorsports in India.

  • Indian National Rally Championship

Indian National Rally Championship (INRC) is an adventure sport organized by Federation Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA) and Motorsports Association of India (MAI). It is based on the point system and is a driver-co driver combination championship. It first received its National Championship Title status in 1988.

  • India Baja

This is the indian version of the Legendary Baja 1000 rally. this rally is brought to India by Motorsport.in and is TSD rally.

  • Himalayan Car Rally

The Himalayan Car Rally is another India’s most important and challenging rallies. The car rally started at New Delhi and concluded in New Delhi only. The rally was concentrated on the mountain terrains of Himachal Pradesh and Uttaranchal. The rally was extensively popular and attracted participants from outside India as well.

  • Monsoon Rally

Monsoon Rally is held on an annual basis and starts off from Kolkata. The striking feature of this valley is that in order to earn points participants need to get wet. The Monsoon Rally started in 2000. The rally is being run in popular time-speed-distance format with secret time control.


  • Kalinga Green Car Rally

Kalinga Green Car Rally is organized by Kalinga Motor Sports Club (KMSC). Though this rally is not organized annually yet KMSC organizes different small scale rallies. In the past few years, the Time-Speed-Distance motor rally routed in and about Rasgobindopur and Rajabasa airstrip is a noted one.

  • India-ASEAN Car Rally

The India-ASEAN Car Rally is conceptualized with the aim to strengthen India’s relations with the South-Asian countries. The rally aims to promote trade and tourism between India and ASEAN. The first India-ASEAN Car Rally was acknowledged by Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh from Guwahati. The rally witnessed 250 participants from India as well as South-Asian countries in 60 vehicles and rallied across Assam, Nagaland and Manipur before entering Myanmar.

  • The Vintage Car Rally

The Vintage Car Rally starts off from New Delhi and went up to Sohna (Haryana). The rally witnessed some of the rare collection of cars. Some of the cars that participated in the Vintage car rally are 35 Jaguar Convertible or a ‘34 Austin Saloon Deluxe or an 1898 Humberette.

  • Great Arc Rally

The Great Arc Rally was a month long rally that started off from Kochi in the south to Mussorie in the north. The rally was organized to commemorate the ‘Great Arc’ survey done during the 19th century. Great Arc aimed to uplift the spirit of survey by asking competitors to drive in straight as a line from Cape Comorin to Hathiopaon near Mussoorie. The rally comprised of 27 participants in twelve cars and three Sports Utility Vehicles.

  • Women Car Rally by NGO ‘Uthaan’

The Women Car Rally was organized by an NGO called Uthaan in partnership with Ibis, Power Grid, Indian Oil, Radio Mirchi, Desert Trails and Avenues Travel Services. This rally was an initiative of the NGO to create and spread awareness n social segment. Women Car Rally was considered as one of the National Record Creating Events.

  • Blind Man Car Rally

Blind Man Car Rally was an endeavor to raise funds for its projects under the aegis of the national theme ‘Freedom through Education’. It started in Mumbai on February 11th, 2007. The rally was aimed at creating awareness about illiteracy in addition to highlighting the initiatives of Round Table India to eradicate illiteracy and the challenges faced by the visually impaired. It was held in partnership with National Association for the Blind (NAB).


  • Raid De Himalaya

Raid De Himalaya HMA is the first Indian Club (in 2001) to have its event – the Raid de Himalaya – inscribed on the International Off Road Rallies Calendar with the FIA (Paris) and the FIM (Geneva). There are 12 such events worldwide and the Raid de Himalaya is one of them.

Internationally reputed to be the “highest motorsport event in the world”, the Raid de Himalaya was created by HMA and has been organized and conducted by the club for the past 15 years consecutively.

  • Uttarakhand Adventure Car Rally 

The Maruti Suzuki Uttarakhand Adventure Car Rally and also the 1st Round of the Indian National Championship for TSD Rallies 2016 ran between 14 and 18 March 2016. It comprised 3 legs through the spectacular mountains and forests of Uttarakhand from Dehradun to Corbett (Garjiya), Corbett to Auli and Auli to Dehradun. It was open to experts and amateurs, cars and SUVs, and Championship and Non Championship contenders.

  • Deccan Rally

Deccan Rally, which is also the 2nd round of the Maruti Suzuki National Superleague TSD Rally Championship and is open to both experts and amateurs, whether in cars or SUVs! The rally will run on the scenic route between Pune – Ratnagiri – Goa – taking on the Sayhadri range and Konkan Coast alike. There are separate categories for the Championship and Non Championship contenders as well as separate prizes.

  • Backwaters Rally

Barely has the curtain come down on the Deccan Rally from Pune to Goa, when entries to the 3rd Round of the Maruti Suzuki National Superleague TSD Rally Championship have opened, inviting both experts and amateurs, whether in cars or SUVs, to the Backwaters Rally. A whole new adventure that takes off from Ooty in the Nilgiris, crossing over from Tamil Nadu into Kerala awaits you! With the crippling heat of this year’s more than unusually harsh Indian summer, the Backwaters Rally flags off in salubrious Ootacamund before taking you through the lush monsoon drenched landscape of Kerala’s backwaters to conclude in the historical coastal city of Kochi.

  • Mughal Rally

Now that we have successfully completed 3rd Round of the Maruti Suzuki National Superleague TSD Rally Championship, we are ready for the next challenge – the Mughal Rally. From the verdant rolling hills of Tamil Nadu and brilliant green coastal landscape of Kerala, we now move to the extreme north of the country: Jammu and Kashmir. Man and machine will now be pitted against the rugged Himalayan terrain as we traverse locations such as Muradpur, Akhnoor, Jammu, Reasi, Mahore, Dagan Gali,Gool and Ramban. The challenge will take the rally through some spectacular landscapes.