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Volunteers and Officials – A tribute to Motor Sport Marshals in India

Today we would like to share with you a short video about the men and women behind the rally and Motorsports scene across the globe and especially in India. This is a tribute to all those Marshals and volunteers who have spent countless sleepless nights during our events to ensure our Drivers, spectators, media and just ’bout everything is taken care of’.

And whosoever said that marshaling in a rally is all about FUN, teach them back ….its all about dedication, passion, accuracy, spontaneity, knowledge, experience and so much more.

Its the Officials who make or break an event .


Marshals are heroes: they commit themselves to motor sport.

Marshals carry out thrilling missions, filled with encounters, energy and passion.
Being a Marshal is a privileged experience for racing enthusiasts.
Officials benefit from knowledge and experience that are unique in the world of motor racing.
It is every enthusiast’s dream to see a race at such close quarters, but it’s a dream that can come true :
Make your dream by joining us !

— Directed by Vincent Ramond —