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Safest Motorcycle Helmets of 2017


Shoei Qwest

Here we’ve a simple complete face bike helmet. Maximum insurance and no turn-up chin bar to weaken the structural integrity, which is good.

If we speak about exact vintage impact protection, this shell is fantastically secure. It’s a composite fibreglass production. Whilst less expensive polycarbonate buckets will crash on effect, fibreglass will crackle. Tiny fractures spreading throughout the helmet, scattering force right into a massive place of the shell even before the EPS foam below comes into play.

So fibreglass is right, but even higher is that Shoei intertwined organic fibres into the combination. Those natural fibres are extraordinarily elastic which brings the crackling effect to the new level. The organic fibres want to bend and stretch and preserve onto each other, spreading the crackle throughout increasingly of the shell, as opposed to letting something puncture throughout. So it’s a very secure helmet.

There are other things that make this helmet safe. The visor is anti-scratch, anti-fog and defensive from UV rays. The visor locks down too, which is excellent because face shields will be predisposed to open in a slide. However all around, that is a pinnacle-notch helmet when it comes to safety.


It is said to be a “budget” helmet. Also said to be a comfy, moderately quiet, nicely-ventilated helmet with a drop-down sun visor and a quick-launch pin-lock-equipped face defend.

So, it’s a reasonably-priced helmet and but the IS-17 rankings a really perfect five/5 on the sharp protection scores.

Now, the face shield locks on the HJC. And the drop-down sun visor has some safety benefit too, because being able to see is somewhat important while piloting a bike.

The IS-17 is an intermediate head form, and you’ll want to have an intermediate noggin in case you’re going to get the most out of its safety capabilities.


Corsa is about seven hundred bucks cheaper than the GP. The major distinction is that the GP saves some grams with its carbon fibre shell, whilst the Corsa makes use of composite fibre. There’s not genuinely a safety distinction between the two and at 1570 grams, the Corsa is plenty mild to begin with. It additionally has near-able ventilation ducts.

Getting a precise fit is just as crucial as choosing a secure helmet. And the Corsa makes it easy, with the padding and the shell of the helmet. AGV even offers us two unique mediums – medium-small and medium-big – to higher cater to the ones most common head sizes.

The Corsa is a killer track day helmet – one examine the huge rear spoiler will inform you that it’s meant to be ridden like this. We additionally realize that the Corsa steals its shell shape, aerodynamics and air flow from its music-ready older brother.

Scorpion EXO-R410

Now, the last helmet to prove a factor. It’s a 2 hundred-dollar Scorpion EXO-R410 and it has massive safety features which might be frequently omitted.

The opposite protection-feature this helmet shows – that’s often not noted – is Emergency quick-release cheek pads.