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Things to Make Your Motorcycle Ride Comfortable

As a motorcycle owner, you might have a very unique friendship with adventure. This doesn’t mean you need to compromise your comfort. However, it is better to stay ready for the thrilling adventures that can offer great life stories. When you start your motorcycle road trip you need to keep in mind that for the next few days to come your motorcycle will become your buddy, your home, your adventure partner, and also your comfort partner. If you need to feel comfortable carrying something with you or by adding a little accessory, you have to do the customization right before your trip rather than regretting adding things later. Most road trip enthusiasts that have already been to a trio with their motorcycle have a few tricks up their selves already because they have learned from the experience, however, sometimes you can skip the experimenting part and still have the best trip.

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Starting from the water bottle to food and safety, your packing will be one of the most important parts of planning your road trip. Most people think that when they are on their way they will be able to buy things if they want. To some extent, this can be true if you are riding your motorcycle in a city. However, adventurous places have a very different wilder effect so you will find yourself completely alone in some areas where you might not even find a suitable shop and have to wait for buying a single water bottle for at least half an hour.

With the help of this article, we will mainly list down some of the best ways you can plan your trip to make it much more comfortable we will also mention a few customization options along with some simple accessory additions that you will find suitable for your motorcycle so you can enjoy your work in a better way.

Some Of The Things To Carry With You for A Comfy Road Trip

Weather Proofing

While planning for your road trip, make sure you carry everything that can make your trip weatherproof. When you travel in a car, you might not have to address this issue because cars are already equipped with a lot of different things that can help you deal with weather-related issues. However, on a motorcycle, you will be fully exposed so the weather can be very inconvenient for you. You have to keep in mind that in case of extreme cold wearing a comfy and cozy motorcycle jacket will be very important. Similarly, you will also need to have heating gloves and heating pads. However, if you are traveling in the summers, make sure you carry cold water thermos with you along with alcohol pads.


No matter what the weather conditions may be, you will need a windshield to protect your eyes and your face. Most places have a windshield as a compulsory item that every motorcyclist has to add while riding however if you see windshield has a long-term effect as well. It will help you protect yourself from extreme wind, dust, and hot air in summer.

Foot Rest 

Most motorcycles already have footrests however sometimes people don’t feel comfortable with the footrest that is already on their motorcycle. In this case, try to find a footrest that will help you adjust your whole foot rather than offering a small platform. You also need to keep in mind that installing a footrest is not according to the motorcycle instead it should comply with your sitting posture and your comfort.

Seat Pads

This might seem like too much at first but seat pads can reduce your overall travel fatigue to half. When you buy a good comfy, thick seat pad you will be able to stay relaxed and this will help you travel for long hours without feeling the strain. When you buy the seating pad, make sure to try and see which one you find better and then select the best seat.


We can all agree that a motorcycle has zero luggage space so if you want to enjoy a comfy ride with your luggage you need to have saddlebags so you can stuff all the equipment that you want to carry. Most people think that it is better to carry a backpack and there is no doubt that a pair of saddlebags will offer you better balance without impacting your storage capacity.

Motorcycle Bottom Line

To sum it all up, when you are planning a trip you need to keep in mind that even the smallest things that you might ignore otherwise will have a solid impact on your overall trip. If you need to add a soft cushion to your seat to make it comfier, you have to do it right away rather than waiting for a long time. Another important thing is to start with basics so you can take your motorcycle for an hour-long journey at first even in the main city and see how you feel. If there is something that might need to change or something that’s making your road trip experience uncomfortable, you might want to change it right away rather than waiting for a long time.