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5 Basic Exercises For Motocross And Enduro Riding

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Hello, I’m Shahnawaz Karim, an IIA certified motorcycle adventure and enduro trainer and I’m going to explain 5 basic exercises for motocross and enduro. We do these to get more control over our motorcycle.

The first one is “pendulum”

It trains right body position, balance and throttle feel. The goals are to compensate motorcycle inertia by body weight. Move body forward when accelerating and back when braking. Start in sit down position. Continue standing. Move body forward synchronously with the throttle and move back to middle position without braking. Add braking with moving body back. When you feel confident, try to do pendulum with one hand.

The second exercise is “circle”

Circle trains right body position and throttle control when cornering. Circle diameter should be about 6-7 meters. Control the right body position. The throttle should be constant. Try to increase motorcycle tilting. Train circle in both directions and try to do “eight”. Quickly move but from one side of the seat to another to change direction in the eight. Reduce throttle before changing seat position

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The third exercise is “snake”

It trains right body position, the speed of changing position and right throttle control when cornering. Throttle opening before curve should be smooth. Reduce throttle ending the curve. Try to make small controlled drift at the end of the curve. Start with a straight snake. The distance between points should be about 7 meters. Next, try to widen the snake and change the distance between points. Train fast snake with bigger distance and slow snake with shorter distance Learn both sit-down and stand snake

The fourth exercise is “quadrate”

It trains 90-degree turn with rear wheel slide. The side of a square should be about 15 meters. Start in sit down position. Before turn – tilt the bike, pull the clutch and block the rear wheel with brake. Try to make a slide of 90 degrees and continue it with small controlled drift adding the throttle and releasing the clutch. Legs should be always on the foot pegs and there should not be a pause between slide and drift. After trying to make “quadrate” in stand position. Move body forward when accelerating after the turn. If the turn angle is insufficient – increase the speed of approach to turn and tilt the bike more.

The fifth exercise is “ellipse”

It trains acceleration, braking, and flat cornering. Ellipse includes two straight lines and two turns The size of ellipse should allow you to switch gear up when accelerating and down when braking. At the beginning of the line make fast acceleration and switch the gear up. Get up, move the body back before the turn with braking with both brakes and switching gear down simultaneously. Move body fast to cornering position and add throttle smoothly at the beginning of the turn. Switching gear up to try not to reduce throttle and to pull the clutch a bit very fast. Switching gear down can be made without clutch or with very fast small pulling. Gradually increase throttle in the turn. Try to make small controlled drift in the out of the turn “Ellipse” indicates the level of the rider.

Motocross and enduro start with this 5 exercises. Give them as much time as possible. Spend more time on the flat surface, not on the track. Better to train with a professional coach. These exercises provide progress, safety, and fun.

Tell us which exercises you want us to focus on?