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5 Maintenance Tips for Honda Activa

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When we talk about Honda Activa, the two-wheeler is no doubt one of the most reliable & best-selling scooter in the country. With a great mileage, users can also leverage the engine power that Activa provides. It’d be wise to say that we can only depend solely on Honda Activa if it’s performance is good as well as its condition. Thus, ensuring proper maintenance for your Activa is of utmost importance. Let’s dig deeper and know about ways to maintain your Honda Activa:

1. Keep Your Speed Under 60KM

When we talk about ensuring a great performance as well as good mileage for your Honda Activa 4G, it can be said that there are an array of tips that might come handy. The prime tip here can be making use of clean air filters as well as efficient spark plugs. When you keep your maximum driving speed around 60 km per hour, the engine & carburetor tuning sets in the best fashion. One must clean both, air filters & spark plugs every month to ensure a smooth performance. Avoid unnecessary braking & maintain the perfect tuning of chains.

2. Regularly Maintain & Check Tyre pressure:

When it comes to the safety of a two-wheeler rider, we can say tyre pressure plays a great role. The absolute tyre pressure not only ensures safety but it also leads to a greater life of tyres of your Activa 4G. So, if you’re wondering about how to maintain Honda Activa scooter, then monitor your vehicle’s tyre pressure periodically. Activa 4G maintenance is an art, perfect tyre pressure will also result in better grip and lesser braking distances.

The recommended tyre pressure as suggested by the manufacturer stands at 22 Psi for the front wheel & 28 Psi for the rear tyre respectively. Thus, when you ride with a pillion rider, the recommended tyre pressure is 22 Psi & 36 Psi for front & back tyres respectively. Refiling and getting checked tyre’s pressure every month is necessary to ensure a long life of the same.

3. Don’t Skip Services :

When it comes to servicing schedule, people generally tend to not take it seriously. Well, what comes as an important fact is that, getting the engine oil, as well as engine flush, changed is an integral part of Activa 4G periodic service. For the better working of your Activa 4G, the above-mentioned tasks are mandatory to be carried out. When you change the oil frequently, you can get access to a smooth & hassle free ride experience for a long time. How to maintain Honda Activa Scooter Oil service? Changing the oil after every 300 miles to 500 miles can be your out of the box pick for your Activa 4G’s long life. Also, after successful completion of every 2500 km, changing the brake oil, engine oil and filter is necessary. You can also take up the help of professional mechanics for the same.

4. Keep Battery Charged:

An Activa 4G without battery is like a body without a soul. In case the battery runs out, it can cause an absolute technical failure for your Activa. You won’t be able to use headlights, horns as well as self-start feature. Thus, we can say overloading your vehicle’s battery by attaching extra accessories is not an advisable idea. You should keep a check on the vehicle’s battery, get it externally charged in case if the battery runs out.

5. Keep it clean and shiny:

What makes Activa 4G unique? It’s magnificent appeal and exuberant looks, right? Well, you should strive to polish the outer body and plastic body parts of your vehicle. This would not only increase the attraction level of your Activa 4G, but it’d also lead to a longer plastic durability, which is necessary.