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How To Do Flat Cornering On Motocross Or Enduro Motorcycle

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I’m Shahnawaz Karim, an IIA certified Motorcycle adventure¬†& enduro riding trainer riding. I’m going to explain – How to Do Flat Cornering?

Flat Cornering is a basic element of motocross and enduro riding. It’s trained on the flat surface. We have a special circle on the track. Flat Cornering is met everywhere: race, training, enduro, amateur off-road riding.

Let’s divide it into three phases:

  1. Approach
  2. Cornering
  3. Out


The approach is started with braking. Braking is carried out in the back position. Move the body back and use both front and rear brake. Use one or two fingers for the front brake. Adjust rear brake pedal to be able to touch it in the back position.

The most popular mistake while braking is the wheel lock. Continuous slide on the rear or front wheel. This can lead to a crash or make braking inefficient.

The most efficient braking is on the verge of blocking the wheels. To feel the blocking wheel you should train and experiment a lot on the different surfaces.

While brake you use not only brakes but the engine too. To do it – you should drop down 1 or 2 gears. You may do it without clutch or pull the clutch fast and incomplete.

At the end of braking, before cornering, you should move the body fast forward to the gas tank


About position in the cornering, you should be as close as possible to the gas tank. Your butt should be on the outside corner of the seat. Control the elbows, they should be raised. Put the leg forward to be safe from falling and keep the right balance. Put the toe forward. The outer knee should tightly hold the tank. The foot peg should be under the heel.

The most popular mistake in the cornering is a wrong body position. Body’s side angle should be less than the motorcycle’s side angle. Position, when the body’s angle equals motorcycle’s angle is used for cornering with the tread and thrust. In flat cornering, such a position leads to a sliding crash.

The fast flat cornering depends on right body position and motorcycle’s angle. Try to tilt the bike more than steering. The throttle control should be smooth and increase to the out of the turn. Don’t twist the throttle. Increasing throttle before the out – move your body forward to avoid high wheelie


At the out, on the beginning of the straight line – move your body back to improve rear wheel grip for better acceleration.

So try this and share your feedback in the comments section below and let us know what more you want me to focus on?