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The Biker’s Lane: Safety Tips For Motorcycle Escapade Trips In India

There is no doubt that a journey on a motorcycle requires the rider to be more cautious than while behind the steering. It is like living the life on the edge while you tear up the mountain roads on your motorcycle.

Bike rides definitely give you that perfect adrenaline rush that you find all your life. Or lets you experience the tranquillity of the nature on the hills. But there are several aspects that you must take under consideration while you are on roads with your favourite bike. A proper consideration towards safety and precautionary measures will ensure you a joyful ride.

  • The bike you choose:

Many people think an adventurous long motorcycle tour means getting themselves on roads with a Royal Enfield Bullet. Meanwhile, these bikes are good for long rides, but it is always advisable to take the motorcycle you are most comfortable with and not a motorcycle that others recommend. It will ensure a proper control in the tough conditions.

A helmet is one of the most important things that you must never forget even if you are going for a five minutes bike ride. This is the most crucial aspect of motorcycle adventure trips in India. You would definitely not want to regret with severe injuries at your head and face.

  • Always take the gloves along:

The gloves are equally important as the helmets. It helps you to avoid any blisters or swelling on your hands, as you would be holding the handles for a pretty long time.

  • Keep your eyes open:

Always be very attentive while riding a bike on the roads, especially on the harsh twisted and turned mountain roads. Never ever get lost while driving; if you find a scene beautiful enough to behold, just halt and enjoy it ensuring your safety.

  • Do Not Use Front Brake first when at a high speed:

While you are riding on a high speed, never ever try to put use the front brake first. Using it may cause you off the motorcycle and damage your head as well as back critically.

  • First Aid Kit:

In an adventure travel, like the motorcycling trips come with their share of accidents. It is always good to remain prepared beforehand. Always ensure to carry a first aid kit or at least a list of things required for first aid. A first aid kit, if brought locally in India, would not cost you much.

  • Curves are to slow down:

Most of the accidents occur at the sharp turns and twist of the mountainous or even the simple roads. Always remember to slow down at curves; that will ensure you a safe ride throughout.

  • Do Not Drink & Drive

This is the worst think one can do, to drink and drive. A motorbike adventure tour in India drunk can turn out to be a deadly disaster leading to accidents on steep and narrow roads or even fatal deaths.

  • Motorcycle Spares and Tools:

It is very important that you carry some of the basic spares and tools such as accelerator cable, clutch cable, tubes, headlight bulb, battery fuses and so on while you are on a bike escapade somewhere in India. It will ensure that your bike spares won’t run out.

  • Basic motorcycle repair knowledge:

It is always good to get a proper knowledge of how to fix small repairs for your motorcycle as you might need to perform few of them like fixing a flat, changing battery fuse, changing cables, fixing the chain, cleaning your air filter, tightening your brakes, at some remote corners without any assistance.

  • Your motorcycle must have mirrors:

A motorbike adventure tour without rear mirrors is a disaster. For a safe journey, to maintain proper spacing, to avoid some blind spots or to let others pass by on the lane, you must have mirrors on your bike. For a smooth ride you should be able to let passer bys get their space to overtake you easily and that way you get to travel at a normal speed.

Following these few steps mentioned above, will definitely ensure you a safety ride and let you enjoy your trip smoothly.