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Top 5 Tips to Stay Warm on Winter Adventure Motorcycle Rides

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Today we are sharing with you our top 5 tips to stay warm during cold weather ride. We try to plan our trips during the warmer times of the year but we’ve definitely had our fair share of adventure in some pretty cold weather and I will tell you from firsthand experience that if you are not prepared for it, honestly becomes more about survival.

You are just having fun with your motorcycle and at that point you also got to keep in mind that you’re gonna have big climbs and big drops in elevation and you can see big changes big drops in the temperature and also just depend on the time of the year it could be really cold in the morning time maybe warm up in the afternoon but then as soon as that Sun Goes Down the evening time the temperatures can drop quite a bit so you definitely want to be prepared.

We’re gonna give you our tips to help you stay warm all right :

Tip number one – Layering up

Layer clothing

Layering correctly this is probably the most important part when it comes to staying warm on adventure rides now. You’ve got three layers you’re gonna have your base layer your mid layer and then your outer layer so your base layer it’s gonna be your next skin. It is going to fit a little bit snugger and the purpose of the base layer is the wick away moisture and keep you dry so typically these are going to be made from polyester or nylon or really high-quality merino wool. After that you’re gonna have your mid layer now mid layer is gonna be a little bit more loose fitting, you don’t need to be super tight and its job is to trap heat and keep you warm inside. Mid layers typically you could see these may not have down, some are going to be maybe fleece line or wool and you just want to make sure you have a good quality mid layer and that’s gonna help you out and keep heat trapped inside. Once you have your mid layer taken care of now you’re gonna have your outer shell, now keep in mind a lot of adventure jackets already have a thermal liner built in so that would take the place of your mid layer so if your jacket ready has one of those you don’t need to stress too much about having a mid layer. So that’s gonna be my first tip is you want to make sure absolutely crucial that you layer correctly

Tip number two – Heated gear

deluxe motorcycle heated jacket liner

If you’re daring enough to ride in those really cold temperatures and you want to make sure that you stay warm and comfortable I’m gonna say that heated gear is a must-have. Now we have heated gear from several different brands to choose from and we’re gonna have you covered from head to toe. When it comes to heated gear you can have a couple different options to choose from you’re gonna have some sets. A setup that’s gonna run off your motorcycle’s battery and it’s going to have a heat controller that you’re going to use to control the heat once you have everything set up. You just want to keep in mind, you want to make sure that your stator has enough output to run this heated gear you definitely don’t want to get caught with a dead battery. The other option is we have heated gear that is actually ran by rechargeable batteries and they’re gonna last about two hours you can pick up extra batteries if you want you to make sure you’re not going to run out but what’s nice about the gear that has rechargeable batteries is it’s a way to keep you warm when you’re off the bike so if you’re done riding for the day you’re gonna set up camp or make a fire or just maybe to get to your hotel room it’s gonna lie to stay warm when you are off the bike. You can add those two different options now. When it comes to heated gear it can be expensive, you’re trying to get everything all at once so if you want to start out small and work your way up the first piece of gear that I would highly recommend is either going to be a jacket or a vest. Keeping your core warm is going to help to keep the rest your body warm. That’s going to be my second tip it’s heated gear

Tip number three – Heated grips

Heated Grips

It’s gonna be all about keeping your paws warm and one of our must-have accessories for cold weather riding is going to be grip heaters. These are inexpensive they’re easy to install and once you have them you will wonder how you ever got along without it. Like I said earlier they are very easy to install and what’s nice about these is you have two different settings a low and a high and you have a switch to control that lets you change a setting. The low setting works really well for your thinner gloves, even all the way down to your dirt gloves so if you’re wearing that kind of glove and it’s not too cold outside but you want some heat that low setting works really well and then you want to flip it up too high that’s gonna be for really your thicker cold-weather adventure gloves maybe gloves that have insulation that high setting works really well now when you couple those grip heaters with a good glove and some hand guards to block the wind you’re gonna do a really good job of keeping your hands warm.

For those really cold extreme conditions, we want to block as much wind as possible because really blocking wind you’d be surprised how much warmth is going to add to your hands. So here is a simple trick cut 2 large┬áset of plastic 5 ltr cannier and wrap it around your Handguard with a zip tie They’re flat they’re easy to pack up they’re very lightweight but they actually wrap around your entire handguard and they do an incredible job of blocking the wind.

Tip number four – Balaclava


A balaclava for me is a lifesaver, whenever I ride in cold weather I always seem to get cold air up into my helmet nothing I can really do it no matter how much I pull up my jacket collar I always get cold air in there and sometimes it gives me a headache almost like I have a brain freeze so I learned the hard way that the best way to combat that is just to have a balaclava with you now we have a lot of these. Today’s balaclavas are very thin and very lightweight. You can just fold up and we put it in your coat pocket so it’s very easy to get access to and put it on when we need it. If you do want to go with a thicker option you may choose the fleece lining based. It’s gonna add a little bit of warmth very comfortable and one thing that riders struggle with when it comes to cold weather it’s fogging on their shield so you can see. But keep in mind cold-weather fog they go hand-in-hand. Before you go out and ride make sure you have a balaclava whether it’s a thin one or a thicker one that is going to really help you out.

Tip number five – Insulated bottle

Insulated Bottles

Having an insulated bottle are awesome because you’re gonna be able to put your hot chocolate in here your hot coffee it’s gonna give you something hot to sip on throughout the day but also during the summertime we take these with us as well because we stop at a gas station we put ice in there we put our drinks in them and we have a nice cold drink to have throughout the day as well if you are looking for an insulated bottle with an awesome value.

Bonus tip – Extra lights

I do have one bonus tip for you and that is going to be extra lighting for your motorcycle in the winter months. The days are gonna be shorter so you might be spending more time running at night if that is the situation and never hurts to have more lighting. Add a couple of good quality LED lights that are very small but very bright and draw very low amp from your battery.

Thanks for checking out our top 5 tips to help you stay warm and cozy on your dual sport adventure rides now I’m sure you guys have a lot of great tips to make sure please share this with us comment below what do you guys like to do to stay warm and comfortable on your dual sport adventure rides.

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