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Triumph TE-1 Ready For Road And Track Testing

Triumph Motorcycles has announced a significant advancement in its all-electric effort. Here is a peek at the prototype.

This model appears to be a hybrid of the Speed Triple and the Street. The WAE battery unit, vehicle control unit, integrated cooling, DC-DC converter, charging port, and carbon coverings are handled by Williams Advanced Engineering.

Integral Powertrain is in charge of the electric powertrain of Project Triumph TE-1. The team asserts that all of their systems are operational and that they are meeting their performance goals. The scalable combined inverter and motor using silicon carbide switching technology are one of their contributions.

Triumph’s work on the electric superbike is spectacular. It’s fantastic to see that they’ve kept the look of a typical two-wheeler. As a result, if observers examine the machine closely, they will discover the emission-free setup.

The Project Triumph TE-1 should drive smoothly because it is built with high-quality components. It includes a prototype Öhlins rear suspension unit as well as Öhlins USD cartridge forks. Finally, its black five-spoke wheels are outfitted with Brembo M50 monobloc brakes.

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