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TVS Flame SR 125 made for India


After a long gap, we are again back with a post, where we would like to highlight one of the innovative use of the R&D derived for a specific region and ease of use.

My recent visit to Tamil Nadu gave an insight on the Indian two wheeler industry. I observed a unique trend among the owners that was very innovative that almost 90% of the people having a motorcycle installed a special leather bag over their fuel tank for a practical purpose like carrying small things/gadgets.

You can see the images of the same below:



As you can see there is a unique trend has developed in Southern India. This trend is such prevalent, that these add-ons are even sold on all the showrooms.

To address this practicality, a bold step was taken by one of our Indian Motorcycle production company ‘TVS’ they launched a bike named TVS Flame SR 125, this bike has not only provides an aesthetic feel to the vehicle but also has its particle advantages.

Although this is a very progressive move by TVS to address their customers and their needs and also further strengthen their foothold in the 125cc (Pro Commuter) Category, this move has its own drawbacks. By adopting the gadget box, the overall capacity of the fuel tank has reduced and is only 8L, which means, even after good efficiency figures, you would need to visit the petrol pump frequently.

You can view the Gadget Box image as below: