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A Girl On A Motorcycle journey amongst the terrains of Pakistan – Zenith Irfan

‘A 21 year old Capricorn, set on an epic motorcycle journey amongst the terrains of Pakistan with nothing but her free hearted soul.’ Thats what her facebook page details about. Meet Zenith Irfan,

Covering over 700 miles in six day on the upper part of the Pakistan (Himalayan Belt of Pakistan) Irfan did her solo trip through unpaved roads and rocky terrain. She also covered the most controversial region between India and Pakistan – the Kashmir Valley. On her route through the town, she met intrigued and friendly villagers. Irfan believes: because people are more educated, she felt safer and unlike in the northwestern province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, where it wasn’t possible for her to travel alone.

Irfan set up Facebook blog called “1 Girl 2 Wheels” in order to document her travels, which is where she experienced the most harassment. “It got bad. I was at breaking point and was so depressed because the comments were absolutely horrendous. So many people said I was a ‘disgrace to the symbol of Islam’ and that I should not be a Muslim, ‘where is my scarf,’ ‘where is my burka’—which is quite ironic because if I wear one on the bike, I’ll get more attention.”


This epic travelogue is an epitome of courage and determines that one should not stop and get bogged down by social stigma. This travelogues tell us another part that even though people living in various countries are divided by borders but united by Motorcycles and travels. So guys keep riding and be safe.