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Meet Steph Jeavons On Her Solo World Tour Riding A Honda CRF250L


Steph left from the Ace Cafe, London on 23rd March 2014.

Steph has been around bikes most of her life with both parents and one of her two sisters riding as well. Her grandmother even rode bikes during the war! I think you can safely say it’s in the blood and thats why the world tour!

“I’m certainly no expert and I don’t confess to being a demon on two wheels. In fact I am a bit of a potterer really. This adventure isn’t about speed. It’s not really even about the bike. It’s about living, learning and enjoying! Doing this trip solo on a bike just opens up all the senses and allows me to be part of my environment.”

Steph has taken her Honda CRF250L further than any 250cc has been before, so far having ridden to 40 countries and covered over 50,000 miles! She hopes to become the first Briton to ride to all seven continents.


After much deliberation and many hours of homework, the natural conclusion I have come to is that the only bike I trust for this journey is a Honda. Why? Good question, and one I’m glad you asked! Here are my top 5 reasons:

  1. Having worked with them in the past, I am fully aware that their reliability and durability partly lies in their simplicity. To coin a phrase: It does what it says on the tin! If it does break down, the chances are it will be repairable and parts will be available! Honda’s build quality is second-to-none. This is a must for my journey.
  2. The CRF 250L came out last year (2013) and no one has attempted to take it on such a journey before. I am looking forward to testing it out and showing what it is capable of. This is a multi-role bike which I can tell you – having test ridden it – is equally at home on the road or on a dirt track. I am confident it will tackle anything I throw at it.
  3. It is lightweight and fairly low to the ground giving me the confidence to take it anywhere and know that if I get stuck, I can always drag it out!
  4. It has excellent fuel economy and with such a small budget I need that! It is powered by a single cylinder that provides useful power and torque across a wide rev range.
  5. I look good in red! What more is here to say?


The regions that she has covered till now are as below:

  1. Antarctica 
  2. Argentina
  3. Australia
  4. Belize 
  5. Bolivia 
  6. Borneo 
  7. Canada 
  8. Central America
  9. Chile 
  10. Colombia 
  11. Costa Rica 
  12. Dubai 
  13. Ecuador 
  14. El Salvador 
  15. Europe 
  16. Guatemala 
  17. India 
  18. Indonesia 
  19. Iran 
  20. Kurdistan 
  21. Laos 
  22. Malaysia 
  23. Mexico 
  24. Nepal
  25. North America 
  26. Peru
  27. Preparation 
  28. Shipping 
  29. South America 
  30. Thailand 
  31. Turkey 

You can follow her Blog and feel free to donate as well for her to finish her tour.