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Travel Diary: A Thousand Miles A Minute: Seattle To Ushuaia – Video – Shannon Mills (S&M Boiler Works)

Or to be more precise: 24,000 thousand miles in 24 minutes. It has been surprisingly difficult to condense 16 months of captured photos and video into a tolerable length of time for anyone besides our parents to watch, but we gave it a shot. The unique moments that have formed each day of this journey are a detailed tapestry that do not translate into video as magically as our minds eye sees it. The video turned out to be a decent representation of life on the road and we had fun making it.

We hope you like our home movies of our time motorcycling to the tip of South America. The video collection is published as one continuous movie (24 minutes) or as individual segments.

The Americas – Seattle to Ushuaia: 16 months by motorcycle

The individual segments:
*Where is all began, Seattle to the Mexico border (38 seconds)
*Bahuichivo to Urique, Copper Canyon, Mexico (1.32 minutes) – published October 2014 (shortened in Americas movie)
*Leaving Batopilas, Copper Canyon, Mexico (1.31 minutes) – published November 2014 (shortened in Americas movie)
*Three months in Mexico (1.54 minutes)
*South through Central America (1.27 minutes)
*The road to Pearl Lagoon, Mosquito Coast, Nicaragua (2.30 minutes) – published March 2015 (shortened in Americas movie)
*Ducati – the best dog ever (43 seconds)
*Voyage around the Darien Gap (48 seconds)
*Utterly amazing Colombia (1.37 minutes)
*Leaving the motorcycles behind for a trip deep into the Amazon, Ecuador (1.14 minutes)
*One day’s drive in Peru (2.20 minutes)
*A love affair with Peru (3.29 minutes)
*Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia (29 seconds)
*A most remarkable road, Carretera Austral, Chile (1.57 minutes)
*Hanging our toes off the end of the world, Patagonia / Tierra del Fuego (1 minute)
*North to Uruguay and our exit from South America (51 seconds)

The travel Diary belongs to Shannon Mills and Mike, and their travelogues can be seen on – S&M Boiler Works