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Travel Diary: Meet Roshni Misbah – The Muslim Punjabi Hijabi Bikerni

Hey guys to day we would like to introduce you to a very special #bikerni. A motorcycle rider who has an attitude and bike to dominate the roads! Watch the space below for the words of Roshni Misbah a Bikerni from New Delhi.

Tell me something about your background?

A Muslim Punjabi Hijabi Girl living in Delhi and currently Studying in College. Inherited the passion for motorcycles and riding from Dad, who is a SuperBiker himself.

How did you finally move into motorcycle culture?

The First time I got onto the Riders seat was on a friend’s motorbike way back in class 9th. It was Fun and I would ride it occasionally. But the Passion grew when Dad got an 1800cc Suzuki Intruder. As a Pillion Rider, I would get chills and always thought of Riding it on my own. I kept giving hints to Dad that i want to ride a motorcycle of my own. But Dad never thought I was Tough enough to ride a Motorcycle. He would insist me to buy a scooter. But I Never Did! Because i knew once I’ll get myself a scooter, probably I’ll have to stick to it forever. I was in college now and started working part time just so as I can Buy My Own Bike. Slowly, Silently and Patiently I started saving and kept Dreaming of riding, which No one was aware of. I would actually get Restless And wanted to ride like a pro! Sleepless Nights!! From Royal Enfield 500 to Suzuki Intruder 1800, I would ride them all But, Ocassionally.

When did you finally got hold of your own motorcycle?

Finally after 2 years, Eid 2016! I told Dad ‘Dad, I have Saved money. And I want something like your Cruiser Bike.’ He was amazed to see my Passion for Riding and owning a Motorcycle. So he went ahead and Finally Allhumdullilah we chose to buy Avenger 220 Cruise, MY FIRST BIKE. Masha’allaah.

How was reaction of the people around you seeing you ride your bike? and What kept you going without any hinderance?

Being a Girl and A Muslim, me riding a Bike was not actually Welcomed by everyone. It was a major step! But, Dad being a rider himself has been really Supportive and I am glad and lucky. 

Where do your ride often and is your lifestyle is any hinderance to your passion?

I often go for Iconic Motorcycle Rides in Abaaya (Burqa) ?? As a Muslim woman, I see people stereotyping the Veil as backward. But, No! Being Modest is not a Barrier but I see it as a sense of Freedom, Being Me and Progressive indeed.

What would you want to do or bring to the society about girl and especially muslim girl coming into riding a motorcycle as a passion?

I wish to break that stereotyped image of girls and specially the Hijab wearing muslim girls. Because i believe its your passion that drives you forward and not your clothes or culture.

It’s not the Hijab/Veil which holds Women back, but Prejudice.

How does it feel riding the motorcycle?

There is an Immense Pleasure in Changing of Gears, taking Up the Speed and sliding through those Sharp cuts. Allhamdulillah, I am riding to the college everyday. Happy to be Upgraded from a Pillion to the Rider’s Seat.

At wheelsguru, we would wish you all the very best for your future motorcycle plans and hope that you ride more and be an icon that spreads the biking culture among the women.


You can follow Roshni on her Instagram handle : @perksofbikergirl