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8 Top Riding Tips for Your Next Day at the Track

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Are you unsure of the proper way to ride a motorcycle? If you ask 10 riders how to ride, you will get 10 different answers. That’s one neat thing about riding a motorcycle; there is not one correct way to ride. There are lots of ways that all work well. Research and take what you read, see, or hear and try it to discover what works for you. Take a look at these eight tips that can act as little nuggets of information to serve you well as you embark on your journey into the motorcycle riding world. And please make sure that you are practicing them ar a nearby racetrack, like to Buddh International Circuit, MMSC, or Kari race track

Be proud

Sitting upright in the saddle and ride proudly to maximize your leverage on your bike’s handlebars. If you’re a newbie, focus on riding your motorcycle first and assume your position later.

Never give up

The determination is key when it comes to racing at the track. No matter what happens, always pull yourself back up and keep on trekking! This point holds true in all aspects of your life.

Hug the curves

If you’ve been searching for junk yards near me online so you can sell your old ride and use the cash for a motorcycle, this tip is for you! Remember that the shortest path around the racetrack is the quickest. Run tighter lines; your knee can be on the white line when you go around a corner! Even though this may push you out of your comfort zone, do it!

Watch where you’re going

Sometimes it’s hard to see where you are going, so go ahead and look over or around the windscreen as needed. Looking just slightly ahead gives you a better picture of what’s to come. Just don’t look too far down the road or you’ll slow things down.

Understand how your suspension works

If you haven’t tested your bike, it’s not easy to get a handle on its unfamiliarity. Spend some practice sessions getting to know the full range of suspension before you try to ride fast. The results of this methodical approach will pay off!

Go fast when you can

Some of the most successful motorcyclists don’t believe in coasting – you either are pressing the gas or the brakes. During a race, the most important corner on the racetrack is the one that leads to the longest – and fastest – straightaway. Put a priority on riding this section right. It’s pointless and risky to go fast in slower corners when you don’t have momentum working on your side.

Brake as needed

Don’t brake where you think you should, but when you need to. Be a smooth rider. Don’t snatch at the brake lever, instead squeeze it like the trigger of a gun and release it slowly. Don’t rigidly adhere to brake markers, but ride with flexibility breaking as needed and making adjustments to the guidelines.

Don’t launch at redline

If you watch the start of a road race, you’ll see riders doing it all wrong. Many road racers hold their engines at the redline and dump the clutch. As a result, they pop a wheelie. Instead, hold the engine revs at peak torque instead of peak horsepower and let out the clutch quickly before pinning the throttle. You’ll experience success and hear only the howl of the rear tire and feel your motorcycle propel forward at lightning speeds!

If you are looking for an exhilarating and exciting motorsport, motorcycling is for you! There are racers across of all ages and skill levels. It’s not too tough to get started and find success as long as you have the right bike and can get to a track. All the best!

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