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What to Carry In Your Motorcycle Luggage?

Planning a road trip for a guy is as difficult as planning a vacation for a woman. You want to carry everything in your motorcycle luggage but you need to follow a luggage limit. Depending on what you aim in life and how you seek pleasure you will select the best destinations that you can enjoy but if your luggage doesn’t comply with your travel choices, this might end up in a disaster. Before carrying things with you, you need to look at your storage space. While planning for a simple four-wheeler road trip, you can literally pack anything because you have so much storage space. However, when it comes to motorcycle luggage, you will struggle a little because you will have to place to carry your luggage and the capacity is almost zero.

Even if you need to carry something you will either have to do so in a backpack with very limited storage space and a constant strain on your back or in a pair of saddlebags bag that might end up affecting your overall motorcycle balance. To make sure your trip doesn’t end up in disaster you have to be very careful when you pack your luggage and adjust your luggage options for a better balance. Most people don’t rely on a two-wheeler just because they can carry enough equipment with them. To deal with this issue you have to be very careful and plan your overall luggage options accordingly. The aim is to not disturb your balance while maximizing your overall capacity for carrying luggage and making your trip safe and enjoyable.

Best Soft Luggage

With the help of this article, we will mainly look at some of the best ways to carry luggage and what you should carry in your luggage for a comfortable and long-distance motorcycle trip.

Things to Carry In Your Motorcycle Luggage

There is a hard and fast formula that you can apply however your aim of the trip along with other requirements will impact your luggage. If you are going on a long road trip, you might carry more things and vice-versa. Another important thing to keep in mind is that if you are going to camp at your destination, you will need to plan your trip and your luggage differently. This will also impact the way you carry it and how much you carry.

Tool Kit

Your tool kit will become a lifesaver if you know how to use it. Almost every traveller carries a tool kit because without a good tool kit you will have to wait for help. This also offers a sense of security by letting you decide how and when you will be stopping rather than relying on the shops you want to visit.

First Aid Kit

Most people think that first aid is not essential however, in real life you will need your first aid kit with you at all times when you are traveling. In most cases when you face injury, things will not be so bad so carrying a first aid kit will instantly save you and offer you a sense of security.

Weather Proofing 

While traveling, weatherproofing needs to become your first priority. This mainly means that in summers when the heat is unbearable you need to keep things with you that can keep you cool and similarly, in winter staying cozy should be your first priority. Try to get hand warmers and cozy jackets along with heating pads with you.

Ear Plugs

Earplugs are a must when you are traveling. Most people don’t understand that when you are on your motorcycle there are so many different things that will distract you and mainly when you might come across a lot of traffic like trucks and 16-wheelers you need to keep in mind that an instant sound might affect your balance. Most people even like to have a helmet with speakers and a sound system which is also a very good option.


For eatables, you need to consider what kind of food you need to carry. This means that you can’t carry perishable food items that might go rancid because of the change in temperature. On the contrary, you need to carry dry and preserved food items that have a lot of calories, supply you with enough energy and help you stay energized throughout your trip. You can carry biscuits, granola bars, chocolate, and chips. You can also carry more solid food packets if you have, for the camping trip.

Bottom Line

To sum it all up, you need to be very careful about the things you carry. If something is far too heavy for your comfort try a portable option or just skip it. In most cases, you will struggle with the luggage if you don’t have a designated place to carry these things so a good pair of sturdy saddlebags will come a long way. Also, keep in mind that when you pack things in the saddlebag, you need to balance the weight on both sides otherwise you will see the effect on your trip. Similarly, if you have just a backpack, try to maximize the luggage space by getting a big backpack that can utilize the support of your seat. A good luggage option can instantly improve your space and capacity and this will also make your overall trip much more comfortable and enjoyable.