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FMSCI Accredited Go Karting Racing In India

We have been very instrumental in bringing a comprehensive list of all motorsports clubs in India and thereby helping you understand how to start racing in India

But you can also start racing by learning the art of motorcycle racing by registering yourself into these motorcycle racing academies in India. You can also find the more racing academies here

Meco Karting Academy

Name: Fayaz Abdul
Phone: +919094003363 / 04428364115 / 4116
Email: fayaz@mecomotorsports.com and contact@mecomotorsports.com

Rayo Racing

Name: Rayomand Banajee
Phone: +919892077956
Email: rayoracing@gmail.com

BPC Racing

Name: Robert Donnison
Phone: +919840066144
Email: robert.d@bma.ac.in

Peregrine Racing

Name: Shankar Naraynan
Phone: +918861831749
Email: grshankarnarayanan@peregrineracing.in

Birel Art Racing

Name: Preetham Muniyappa
Phone: +919538864919
Email: preetham.muniyappa@giluxe.com

Mohites Racing

Name: Sachin Mandody
Phone: +919763380843
Email: smandody@yahoo.co.in

Erda’s Racing Academy, Gujarat

Name: Kirit Erda
Phone: +919825120465
Email: speedracers996@yahoo.com