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Professional Rally Rider Neeraj Samarth Gears Up For Podiums

Motorsport has been something which makes him happy. That’s what has been the story of Neeraj Samarth from Bengaluru, a regular in TSD rallies.

“Any IT guy would understand how our life starts and ends at a computer,  but this sport has given me feel of accomplishment, Joy and proud feel. When I get back home on a not so good day– I have my trophies to tell me – that I was a winner. I must say – I am blessed to be amongst the best riders and tuners making it an extremely smooth entry into the sport. Honestly, It was not an effort to get into the sport but was challenge post taking it professionally.”

Upon asking how was the year gone by, Samarth responded –

“I had the mixed year of 2017 with Two broken bones from cross-country rally – desert storm and Raid de Himalaya. Injuries are part of any sport, so had to come back strong at the India Baja 2017 to win in my class with an injury and get free entry into desert storm 2018. We would always have roadblocks in the form of injury, work pressure and finances – It’s the strength and motivation of people around you which helps. so do not hesitate to motivate people around you no matter how strong they are ”

Talking more about the crash in Raid de himalaya –  at about 25th Km on day two on a high-speed corner, I almost fell off the cliff 70 feet deep and had two fractures – I was man possed in love, had a strong driving force in my mind which magically took me to finish with multiple falls – I had not crossed the MPL (Maximum permitted latness) and still stood a chance to win the race- so further I pushed my limit to ride 256km from Gramphoo to pang but at the pang Army base camp, I was declared medically unfit . was more disheartend by the race drop out then the music I have to face from my office and parents for next 4 months-. I was airlifted back to Bangalore with the help of best people who stood by me at all times. I really would like to thank the raid team for the excellent support and Angata Racing for helping me get back to Bangalore.

We wish him all the best for all the rallies and raids that he would participate and bring India to international standards.DSC 4828 1